Interactive guide in digital school of Kemerovo
Interactive kiosk in school

How the digital school encourages self education

The educational center of a new type has opened in Kemerovo region recently. The digital school in Lesnaya Polyana invated in its classes more than thousand children. To educate new generation of children the latest digital technologies and the most modern equipment are used: touch kiosks, multimedia devices, digital laboratories for natural sciences studying and research.

To make children better adopt new knowledge and skills the school needed an interactive system that allows learners to find the information on their own. The effective solution was proposed by «Touch Systems» developers. Relying on «TouchInform: Navigator» software and digital kiosks they built the «Interactive guide on Kuzbass region». The system contains historical, geographical data and other interesting information on whole the region and it’s local towns.

digital school encourages self education

How the «Interactive guide» works

To involve children in the process of self education the school has launched the «Interactive guide». The project uses touch kiosks, special software and a video wall to present all the information for a large audience.

The software part of the solution «Navigator» displays on the touch kiosk map of the Kemerovo region and allows to select any locality on its territory. On the selected city one can get the information card with place description, historical references and sightseeing video. All the data is broadcasted simultaneously on the interactive kiosks and video wall.

Both the scholars and their parents have shown their interest to the innovative way of learning with game elements. At the school opening they enjoyed digital kiosks to watch an interesting video about their environments, learn the history of their city.

Interactive guide and electronic school


Take a minute to watch how it works

Interactive kiosk in the digital school of Kemerovo

Equipment for the digital school

For it’s interactive learning system the school of Kemerovo chose our «Elo-Line» kiosk, which features:

  • low base and comfortable screen tilt angle that make it easy for using by children;
  • multi-touch screen, allowing to rotate and scale the objects;
  • large 55-inch display for exceptional quality images, attracting the children’s attention.

Our developers provided several scenarios for «Interactive guide»:

  • video presentation mode,
  • joint lessons mode,
  • teaching to large audience.

Interactive display «Elo-Line» is a modern solution for interactive learning and information system for any educational institution, including schools, playschools, colleges and universities.

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E-school software and interactive guide on touch kiosks

«Interactive guide» software for e-school

«Interactive guide» incorporates two software products «TouchInform: Navigator» and «TouchInform: Electronic School», which features:

  • excellent visibility of information;
  • a simple content management system and friendly user interface;
  • the possibility of quick update and add new materials;

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