Education management information system TouchInform: Digital School works in school or campus kiosks and provides information to students and teachers.

TouchInform software allows the creation of multipurpose information systems for different industries. TouchInform: Digital School is the most popular among our customized solutions for the educational sector. It works in touchscreen kiosks and manages all the information about the school, courses, students, and teachers. Moreover, you can create your own design and logical structure. The system has extensive configuration options that enable you to add a lot of new functions and edit/update information in minutes without expensive outsourcing expertise. The system is so easy-to-use that anyone without programming skills can maintain it and keep the data in your school kiosks actual.

Education management information system TouchInform: Digital School

Main functions of education management information system

Running in an educational kiosk, TouchInform: Digital School informs students and teachers about current and upcoming events and displays documents, photos, and video content. The system may serve as a database for students’ check-ins or work as a point where teachers and scholars get information on exam results, course schedules, etc. In addition, TouchInform: Digital School has an efficient wayfinding system that helps newcomers not get lost on campus.

Our education management information system provides a quick, direct communication link between parents and teachers through sms, email, or messengers.

TouchInform software is flexible enough to handle all sorts of content, from graphical elements (charts, figures, lines, buttons) to multimedia (videos, images, sounds). TouchInform: Digital School allows you to operate with text objects, documents, running lines, web browsers, templates, forms, photo galleries, collections, and external/internal data sources. Our platform is easy to use yet powerful enough to make learning and teaching more productive and less time-consuming!

Samples of screenshots of a college information system

Education management information system TouchInform: Digital School

A college information system

Information system for schools, colleges, universities

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