«TouchInform: Master» is software for creating touchscreen information systems. It is an easy tool, designed for use by even the most non-technical of users, to create projects “from the ground up”. It is created to inform about current and upcoming events, to display documents, photo and video content with a possibility to add and remove the application items, building the project (“tree”) hierarchy at the client’s discretion – and all that without programming!

«TouchInform: Master» is composed of two main components:

  • Editor is a tool that enables You to create, fill in and easily edit the structure of the interactive information system without special programming skills or even help of technical experts.
  • Player is designed to display information on touch kiosks and IDS displays.

«TouchInform: Master» is delivered with the following Module Sets at the customer’s option:

  • Lite – includes 6 basic modules;
  • Standard – includes 6 basic modules + 8 extension modules;
  • Professional – includes all the modules of the Standard module set + Navigation, Exposition and  Web Browser

*Complementary modules – which are Graphical menu, Questionnaire/Evaluation of knowledge, Advertisements – can be included in the package Standard and Professional.

Functionality of «TouchInform: Master»

  • Branched structure creation of the information system with menu(s), navigation buttons;
  • Display of RTF, PDF, XPS documents, tables, pictures;
  • Image Viewer – Presentation of pictures both in automatic and manual mode;
  • Portrait gallery creation with the caption function included;
  • Video playback;
  • Ads and news placement;
  • Photo galleries creation (single tape of images);
  • Use of the item Multitouch Gallery (manipulations with images);
  • Photo- and Video albums creation (videos with a preview image);
  • Use of the item Running Line with adjustable properties;
  • Feedback from users;
  • Creation and work with documents library : sending documents per e-mail, documents printing (А4 format);
  • Audio feedback;
  • Web Browser for secure Internet access with data screening options using white and black lists;
  • Exposition Module;
  • Light Navigation Module;
  • Graphical Menu;
  • Conduction of polls – Questionnaires / Evaluation of knowledge – with display of quantitative and qualitative results;
  • Advertisements.

«TouchInform: Master» advantages

  • High-speed development of interactive information system;
  • No programming skills thanks to simple intuitive interface;
  • Highly customized modular structure that enables modifications on individual basis;
  • Distributed storage system for centralized information updating;
  • Extensive library of design options;
  • Multi-language user interface;
  • Immediate response to a user request by caching information on each touchscreen kiosk
  • Low cost price of finished product.

Creating touchscreen information systems and customized solutions with «TouchInform: Master»

  • “Business cards ” for companies;
  • Interactive product catalogues;
  • Directory and expository systems for car showrooms , museums and libraries;
  • Reference-information systems;
  • Interactive Navigation systems for shopping, office and expo centers as well as sports events;
  • Advertising bills and interactive show-windows to promote goods and services;
  • Inquiring, data-collecting and quality assessment systems;
  • Examination systems and systems for personnel testing;
  • Electronic Recruiters;
  • Training and educational systems;
  • Systems for collaboration and group decision making;
  • Electronic menus;
  • and many other Interactive information systems for educational and healthcare institutions, hotel industry and catering business, banks and insurance companies, government agencies…

Thanks to simple intuitive interface and modular structure of «TouchInform: Master» you can rapidly create your own project directly targeted at your requirements and business sphere peculiarities!

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