TouchInform Master is an easy-to-use platform for building information kiosk software and various interactive systems for any industry. Users without computer skills can develop their projects in the simple and comfortable environment of TouchInform Master. This tool lets you operate with documents, photos, and video content. Moreover, you can build projects of any structure, add and remove chapters, pages, and items, and change your information system design. And all that one can do without programming!

TouchInform Master includes two main components:

  • The editor lets you create and edit your information system and fill it in with content.
  • The player shows the information on kiosks and Digital Signage displays.

TouchInform Master comes in the following versions:

  • Lite includes six basic modules;
  • Standard includes six basic modules + eight extensions;
  • Professional has all the modules of the Standard version + Navigation module, Exposition module, and Web Browser.

*By request, we can add complementary functions in the Standard and Professional packages, such as a Graphical menu, Questionnaire, Knowledge testing, and Advertisement modules.

The main functions of information kiosk software TouchInform Master

  • You can create information systems of any complexity with a branched structure, menu(s), and navigation buttons;
  • The software allows to display of RTF, PDF, and XPS documents, tables, pictures, and videos;
  • Integrated Image Viewer lets you present photographs both in automatic and manual modes;
  • Photo Gallery gathers the collections of photos, and you can set a caption for all of them;
  • With the Video Playback module, you can show your guests remarkable moments captured on digital media along with advertisements;
  • News and Ads modules serve to inform your clients about meaningful events;
  • Installed on a multi-touch kiosk, our software supports manipulations with images: scaling, rotating, moving;
  • You can create photo- and video albums with previews;
  • An adjustable animated text line on the bottom of the screen lets you convey the most important information to your users;
  • You can interact with your clients using our module Feedback;
  • Our information kiosk software lets your clients work with documents: send them by e-mail, print them in А4 format;
  • Our platform supports Audio feedback, which means that your clients will be able to record an audio message for you;
  • Integrated Web Browser gives your users secure access to the Internet, and you can set allowlists and blocklists;
  • You can use Navigation Module to build interactive maps for wayfinding systems;
  • You can use your own pictures and icons in the Graphics Menu to make the information system with your brand colors and identity elements;
  • Modules Questionnaires and Knowledge Evaluation allow you to conduct surveys and summarise the results.

Our kiosk software advantages

  • Interactive system development is quicker than ever;
  • No programming skills are required thanks to the simple and intuitive interface;
  • The highly customized modular structure enables individual modifications and complete personalization;
  • Distributed storage system allows you to update the information centrally on all kiosks;
  • You can make your own frontend design using the integrated extensive library of graphics items;
  • Our software supports a multi-language user interface;
  • Caching the information on each kiosk provides an immediate response to a user request;
  • We keep our prices low to make the software affordable for everybody.

Our turn-key solutions based on TouchInform Master

  • «Business card» – an information system for companies or organizations;
  • Interactive product catalog;
  • Directory and virtual showroom for car sellers, museums, and libraries;
  • Information system for hospitals, health centers, and clinics;
  • Wayfinding system for shopping centers, office buildings, expositions, and sports events;
  • Interactive Digital Signage system for advertising purposes and goods promotion;
  • The questionnaire, data-collecting, and quality assessment systems;
  • Automatic examining systems and self-testing systems;
  • Electronic Recruiters;
  • Training and educational systems;
  • Teams collaboration and decision-making system;
  • Electronic menus for cafes and restaurants;
  • And many other information systems for educational and healthcare institutions, the hotel industry and catering business, banks, insurance companies, and government institutions.

TouchInform Master makes your projects quick, easy, and fully customizable!

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