Composed of two main components – Editor and Player – software package «TouchInform» is a multipurpose tool for creating interactive information systems for touchcreen kiosks and Interactive Digital Signage. It is a powerful means for creating not just simple projects, but highly detailed scenarios, to inform about current and upcoming events, to display documents, photo and video content – and all that without programming! There is a large number of customized solutions based on TouchInform one of which is «TouchInform: Automated Examiner».


«TouchInform: Automated Examiner» is an effective interactive system for any business


«TouchInform: Automated Examiner»

«TouchInform: Automated Examiner»

It’s not a secret that questionnaires and surveys are the leading methods of sociological and marketing statistical analysis. Installation of the Module, which is designed for testing, conduction of polls, surveys and questionnaires in electronic form, will enhance the efficiency of any organization while feedback from both end-users and personnel, students and parents, visitors and patients will help to classify information obtained from respondents and get unbiased survey results. Moreover, the system is created for knowledge evaluation with display of quantitative and qualitative results. It is powerful but easy-to-use software that enables anyone (both advanced users and even the most non-technical of users) create interactive self-scoring tests in a variety of fields with different types of questions – multiple-choice, multiple-response, numeric and fill in blanks.

«TouchInform: Automated Examiner» application

«TouchInform: Automated Examiner» is intended to help institutions evaluate the quality of their services, explore ways to improve the quality, efficiency, and effectiveness as well as communication and feedback at all levels. It is the fastest, most accurate and cost effective method of conducting polls and tests perfectly suitable for any producer, service provider, public institution or business entity from hotels, restaurants and cafes, through banks, insurance companies, educational and healthcare institutions to any point of sale. Examples are numerous! Software can be installed in an educational institution for testing purposes, in the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate for theoretical part of the driving test, in a medical center for systematic personnel testing, etc. Software is flexible enough to handle all sorts of content – every asset type – from images and videos to documents and Web browsers, full control of appearance and geometry and large collection of properties.