«TouchInform: Interactive Timetable» software short overview

Composed of two main components – Editor and Player – software package «TouchInform» is a multipurpose tool for creating interactive information systems for touch kiosks and Interactive Digital Signage. It is a powerful means for developing not just simple projects, but highly detailed scenarios, to inform about current and upcoming events, to display documents, photo and video content – and all that without programming! There is a large number of customized solutions based on TouchInform one of which is «TouchInform: Interactive Timetable». It is specially designed for such sectors as logistics, transport and aviation to provide passengers real-time information about schedules, pricing, seat and tickets availability, etc.

TouchInform: Interactive Timetable designed for logistics, transport and aviation sectors

With our customized solution «TouchInform: Interactive Timetable» you will be able to:

  • See timetable of bus arrival with information update (every minute)
  • Search destinations;
  • See all the bus stops;
  • Find routes on the map;
  • Find tickets and Get pricing information;
  • Download forms, documentation;
  • Find out norms of luggage carriage and ticket refund;
  • Get customer support available 24 hours.


Thanks to simple intuitive interface of the application – designed for use by even the most non-technical of users – you can create your own logical structure with optional content, extensive configuration options and efficient navigation, edit and update it in minutes, without programming skills or expensive outside expertise. Full control of appearance and geometry and large collection of properties to match your brand!

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