«TouchInform: Master» software general description

TouchInform: Master is an easy framework for multi-touch information systems development
Medical information system TouchInform: Hospital
TouchInform: Hospital interactive system sample interface

«TouchInform: Master» is an easy tool, designed for use by even the most non-technical of users, to create projects “from the ground up”.

It is created to inform about current and upcoming events, to display documents, photo and video content with a possibility to add and remove the application items, building the project (“tree”) hierarchy at the client’s discretion – and all that without programming!

«TouchInform: Master» is composed of two main components:

  • Editor is a tool that enables You to create, fill in and easily edit the structure of the interactive information system without special programming skills or even help of technical experts.
  • Player is designed to display information on touch kiosks and IDS displays .


«TouchInform: Master» is delivered with the following Module Sets at the customer’s option:

  1. Lite – includes 6 basic modules
  2. Standard - includes 6 basic modules + 8 extension modules
  3. Professional - includes all the modules of the Standard module set + Navigation, Exposition and  Web Browser

*Complementary modules - which are Graphical menu, Questionnaire/Evaluation of knowledge, Advertisements - can be included in the package Standard and Professional.

Functionality of «TouchInform: Master»

  • Branched structure creation of the information system with menu(s), navigation buttons, etc.;
  • Display of RTF, PDF, XPS documents, tables, pictures;
  • Image Viewer - Presentation of pictures both in automatic and manual mode;
  • Portrait gallery creation with the caption function included;
  • Video playback;
  • Ads and news placement;
  • Photo galleries creation (single tape of images);
  • Use of the item Multitouch Gallery (manipulations with images);
  • Photo- and Video albums creation (videos with a preview image);
  • Use of the item Running Line with adjustable properties;
  • Feedback from users;
  • Creation and work with documents library : sending documents per e-mail, documents printing (А4 format);
  • Audio feedback;
  • Web Browser for secure Internet access with data screening options using white and black lists;
  • Exposition Module;
  • Light Navigation Module;
  • Graphical Menu;
  • Conduction of polls - Questionnaires / Evaluation of knowledge - with display of quantitative and qualitative results;
  • Advertisements

«TouchInform: Master» advantages

  • High-speed development of interactive information system
  • No programming skills thanks to simple intuitive interface
  • Highly customized modular structure that enables modifications on individual basis
  • Distributed storage system for centralized information updating
  • Extensive library of design options
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Immediate response to a user request by caching information on each touchscreen kiosk
  • Low cost price of finished product

Customized solutions: interactive systems based on «TouchInform: Master»

  • “Business cards ” for companies;
  • Interactive product catalogues;
  • Directory and expository systems for car showrooms , museums and libraries;
  • Reference-information systems;
  • Interactive Navigation systems for shopping, office and expo centers as well as sports events;
  • Advertising bills and interactive show-windows to promote goods and services;
  • Inquiring, data-collecting and quality assessment systems;
  • Examination systems and systems for personnel testing;
  • Electronic Recruiters;
  • Training and educational systems;
  • Systems for collaboration and group decision making;
  • Electronic menus;
  • and many other Interactive information systems for educational and healthcare institutions, hotel industry and catering business, banks and insurance companies, government agencies… Yes, we have SOLUTION for YOUR INDUSTRY too !

Turn-key solutions based on «TouchInform: Master»


Thanks to simple intuitive interface and modular structure of «TouchInform: Master» you can rapidly create your own project directly targeted at your requirements and business sphere peculiarities!


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