«TouchInform» software main purpose

Software package «TouchInform» is multipurpose tool for creating interactive information systems to use them in touch screen kiosks solutions and Digital Signage.

Easy, flexible, customizable tool

Composed of two main components – Editor and Player – «TouchInform» is a powerful means for creating not just simple projects, but highly detailed scenarios, to inform about current and upcoming events, to display documents, photo and video content – and all that without programming!  

«TouchInform» software means full creative freedom: no design restrictions, the only limitation is your phantasy!

Extensive configuration options thanks to a large collection of properties ensuring that You control every aspect of the project creation.

How is that possible? - Thanks to two versions of the application available:

  • «TouchInform Master» – an easy tool, designed for use by even the most non-technical of users, to create projects “from the ground up” at client’s discretion
  • «TouchInform Expert» – a  powerful tool, designed for advanced users, to develop Your own projects with optional content and interactive internal logic through asset binding using an extensive library with numerous triggers and actions.

Just find the right option for you!

«TouchInform» software advantages:

  • High-speed development of interactive information system
  • No programming skills thanks to simple intuitive interface
  • Highly customized modular structure that enables modifications on individual basis
  • Distributed storage system for centralized information updating
  • Extensive library of design options
  • Multi-language user interface
  • Immediate response to a user request by caching information on each touchscreen kiosk
  • Low cost price of finished product

Why «TouchInform» software?

  • Direct data access – ensure free access to information resources of governmental organizations and business entities without your employees’ involvement
  • Reduced Labour Costs - visitors receive all the necessary information about your company themselves
  • Improved customer service - all the necessary information in one database in electronic form
  • Customer Engagement - attract new customers and increase brand loyalty through the introduction of innovative technologies
  • Higher Revenues - drive sales   speeding up the sales cycle and reducing customer wait times

«TouchInform: Master» software package

«TouchInform: Master» - an easy tool, designed for use  by even the most non-technical of users, to create projects "from the ground up"

«TouchInform: Expert» software package

«TouchInform: Expert» - a  powerful tool, designed for advanced users, to develop your own projects with optional content and interactive internal logic

Editor from 265 €

Player from 149 €


Editor from 1058 €

Player from 379 €

Our solutions based on «TouchInform» software